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Emmy Rossum treats fans to cookies on Shameless set

Actress Emmy Rossum proved herself the perfect hostess as she served cookies to eager fans while filming her hit TV series Shameless.

The star took a break from shooting the eighth season of the comedy on Wednesday (02Aug17) to greet those patiently waiting outside the Chicago, Illinois set with tasty treats.

Rossum shared a video of the kind gesture via Instagram, in which she presented a large crowd of onlookers with the sweet snacks.

"When fans have been patiently waiting for hours.... you bring them cookies!!!," she captioned the post. "Thank you for your love and support over the years!!!"

The 30-year-old teased the baked goodies beforehand in another social media post, in which she shared a picture of fans and wrote, "Girls! I will come say hi after this scene! Also I've ordered a surprise for you."

After fans devoured the cookies, Rossum assured they were also kept hydrated.

"I hope you're okay," she later wrote online. "I saw myself tagged in a post that says you need water so we're bringing cases of water to you right now, okay?"

Following up her message with a heat advisory, she added, "Get out of the sun and don't die of thirst."

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