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Emmy Rossum spent New Year cliff diving in Anguilla

Actress Emmy Rossum rang in the New Year by conquering her fear of cliff diving in Anguilla.

The Shameless star was vacationing with her fiance and a childhood friend when she decided to put her life in her hands and jump off a cliff that she was too scared to dive from the first time she visited the country.

"Last time I shimmied half the way down and then jumped," she told Live! with Kelly and Michael on Thursday (07Jan16). "But this time I went from the top and I remember I was completely panicking and shaking as my fiance was on the boat like, 'You're doing great babe', not at all willing to go up and do it himself.

"I was looking down at my girlfriend from five-years-old who was in the water and I was thinking, 'If I die, she's going to be the last thing I see and I love her and that's ok', and then I just dove," she continued. "I couldn't even stand up to jump. All he (boat driver) said was, 'All you have to do is lean forward to jump and clear the cliff, it will be fine!' And I'm just thinking, 'OK, I'm just going to lean forward,' and I counted down... and then I just let go and it was just so freeing and amazing."

Rossum wasn't the only star enjoying Anguilla over the holidays - Justin Bieber vacationed there with his girlfriend Hailey Baldwin and Harry Styles began his One Direction hiatus there with rumored girlfriend Kendall Jenner.

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