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Emma Watson thanks Steve Carell for supporting her campaign at the Oscars

Actress Emma Watson has published a handwritten note to thank Steve Carell for supporting her gender equality campaign at the Oscars on Sunday night (22Feb15).

The Anchorman star showed his support by wearing specially designed cufflinks featuring the #HeForShe drive's logo during his appearance at the Academy Awards in Los Angeles, and Watson has now reached out to the actor to express her appreciation.

In a note published on her Twitter.com account, Watson writes, "Dear Steve Carell. You were pure genius in 'Little Miss Sunshine' (one of my all time favourite films)... I wanted to marry you or have you adopt me after Crazy Stupid Love... and then you were mind blowing in Foxcatcher and I think you're so awesome and now you are wearing #HeForShe cufflinks at the Oscars to support Gender Equality. Couldn't be more proud. Thank you. Love, Emma."

Watson launched the #HeForShe campaign at the United Nations (U.N.) headquarters in New York in September (14) as part of her role as a U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador.

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