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Eminem interviewed by Stephen Colbert on Michigan TV show

Eminem made an unlikely appearance when comedian Stephen Colbert interviewed the rapper on a public access cable TV show in Michigan on Wednesday (01Jul15).

The funnyman is gearing up to host The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in September (15), and to prepare for the programme, Colbert decided to take an unorthodox route by visiting the small town of Monroe, where he took over a local show called Only in Monroe.

Towards the end of the low-budget show, Colbert introduced his final guest, who he described as, "a local Michigander, who's making a name for himself in the competitive world of music. Please welcome, Marshall Mathers."

During the nearly 20-minute interview, Colbert quizzed the rapper on tracks by fellow Michigan native Bob Seger, talked about his musical influences and the future of his hip-hop career, and Eminem even read through the town's community calendar.

The odd pair also discussed Eminem's upcoming boxing film, Southpaw, which the 8 Mile star produced.

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