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Ellie Goulding has considered dropping music for shoe design

Ellie Goulding has hinted she's considering quitting music to become a full-time shoe designer.

The British popstar has three albums and countless singles to her name, and is a fan favorite at shows such as the recent V Festival.

She’s also become a style icon and recently lent her expertise to German shoe brand Deichmann on its Star Collection earlier this year (17), including a new autumn/winter range. Her foray into the world of design even got Ellie thinking about a change in career.

“I suppose I could just design shoes and that’s it - I’ve been meaning to retire for a while now so we’ll see what happens - I’m over singing,” she joked to Cover Media, before admitting: “That happens nearly every year and then it’s like, she’s back!”

The Anything Could Happen hit-maker revealed she didn’t fully appreciate the hard work put into designing shoes until she’d done it herself and she’s now loving seeing people wearing her creations.

Her new collection is “more cold weather friendly”, she shared, and contains more of her favorite shoe styles.

“A lot more boots, boots you can still wear out with a heel. And some studs, actually I think this is my favorite collection - it’s more me. I think a boot is my favorite kind of shoe,” she smiled.

But before she makes any rash decisions regarding her future in music Ellie will continue to perform gigs, with Switzerland’s SummerDays Festival 2017 next up on her list later this month.

“Before a show I do some press ups, get pumped, get the blood pumping,” she explained, adding, “(I) warm up, do some vocal warm ups. But I have to be focused to go out and do a 90 minute set, and that takes a lot of warming up and a lot of energy and takes a lot of focus.”

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