Elizabeth Olsen suffers mini fashion breakdown before premieres

Actress Elizabeth Olsen sobs on her way to premieres if she doesn't love her look.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron star admits fashion is not her strong point - even though her older sisters are style moguls Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen - and she often finds herself in tears before big red carpet events, because she's convinced she looks dreadful.

"It’s not my comfort zone," she tells ES magazine. "I went to a Dior show and ended up getting to wear a look to the premiere in New York. I felt great that night just because I felt like I was in something that I love.

"Sometimes when I'm not in something that I love I cry on the way to the premiere and I'm posing with my shoulders as far back as they go. Then I look at the photos and I’m like, 'It did look nice. Why was I crying?'"

Elizabeth wishes she had more style savvy and admits she's in awe of her sisters, who turned their backs on acting to become successful fashion icons.

"I just think they’re brilliant women...," she tells the British publication. "I'll go visit them at the office and sit in a meeting if I’m in town. They’ll be talking about piping or buttons."