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Elizabeth Olsen graduates on TV after missing commencement

Elizabeth Olsen was treated to a graduation ceremony on late night TV on Monday (30Sep13) after skipping her own school celebration earlier this year (13).

The Martha Marcy May Marlene star enrolled in a theatre course at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts after high school in 2007, but studied part-time, alternating between classes and film jobs and even studying abroad in Russia in 2009.

She finally completed her degree in theatre this year (13), but decided to sit out her commencement ceremony at Yankee Stadium in February (13) in favour of having a double celebration at her 24th birthday dinner days later.

During an interview on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, she said, "It took me six years to graduate... It was at Yankee Stadium and I didn't know anyone so I didn't want to be there by myself, I'd have a panic attack or something... so I just, like, had a birthday and got myself a cake and pretended it was also graduation. It was fine, it was really good."

Host Jimmy Fallon took pity on Olsen's sad graduation story and decided to throw her a mini-commencement there and then, presenting her with a traditional academic cap and reading out her name as he handed her a pretend scroll.

In awe at the gesture, she said, "My parents are going to be so happy. They were really mad I didn't go to graduation..."

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