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Ed Sheeran named honorary doctor

Ed Sheeran was handed an honorary doctorate from his hometown university in England on Monday (19Oct15) in recognition of his contribution to music.

The Thinking Out Loud singer grew up near the University Campus Suffolk in Ipswich as a kid, but he dropped out of school at the age of 16 in order to pursue his music dreams and never attended college.

But now Ed can proudly show off his honorary degree, after being feted at a ceremony back home on Monday (19Oct15), and he took to Instagram.com after receiving the diploma.

"I graduated today, I am now officially Dr. Sheeran," he wrote.

The 24 year old assured fans he wasn't simply playing dress up in the photo he posted online and later added on Twitter, "I wasn’t joking, I am actually a doctor now, that's how mad this world is."

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