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Ed Sheeran didn't recognise royal drinking pals

Ed Sheeran was left red-faced when he discovered two girls he had been partying with at a Caribbean resort were members of Britain's royal family.

The A-Team hitmaker was performing at a lavish wedding earlier this year (12) when he bumped into Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, who were guests at the star-studded bash.

However, the flame-haired pop star failed to recognize Queen Elizabeth II's granddaughters and enjoyed sharing a drink with the pair, who paid him a very odd compliment.

He tells British newspaper The Sun, "On the first night we had a massive party and I didn't really clock that they were royal and we had a very good time drinking. The next day, one of the girls said, 'You know my cousin looks like you'. I said a lot of people say they have ginger cousins that look like me. It turns out that her cousin was Prince Harry."

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