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Dwayne Johnson's new watch covered in slime at Nickelodeon awards

A pricey new watch actor Dwayne Johnson received as a wrap gift from his Hercules director Brett Ratner is in a repair shop after it was covered in slime at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards last week (ends18Jul14).

The action man reveals event producers promised him that he would be among the few celebrities who would escape a blast with the green and gold goo, so he decided to wear the flashy timepiece for the very first time.

However, Johnson admits things didn't quite work out as planned and he soon regretted debuting his watch at the prizegiving.

He explains, "I had a watch, a brand new watch from my director Brett Ratner, it was a wrap gift from Hercules. It was expensive, it was the first time I was wearing it, I'm excited, it's beautiful.

"The producers were saying there's no slime, everything's cool. I thought, 'OK, great', so I start high-fiving the kids down below (the stage) and their hands were just so full of slime and it's getting all on the watch... So it's getting cleaned now."

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