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DJ Steve Aoki planning big freeze after death

Dance music superstar Steve Aoki is hoping to extend his life by freezing his body when he dies.

The passing of the DJ and producer's dad, Benihana founder Rocky Aoki, made him seriously look at his own deathbed options, and he has decided to spend hundreds of thousands on cryogenics.

In a new Rolling Stone interview, Aoki reveals he has handed over $220,000 (£166,800) to bosses at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation headquarters in Arizona in the hope that their technology will keep his brain alive until scientists can revive the rest of his body once they've found a cure for whatever kills him.

"(My dad) had tubes all in him, but he'd grip my hand tight," Aoki tells Rolling Stone, explaining how his dad's death made him research cryogenic technology. "He was still there, fighting. His brain was not ready to die."

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