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Dizzie Rascal recruits Idris Elba to remix single

Dizzie Rascal has hired The Wire star Idris Elba to remix his new track.

The actor also enjoys a sideline career as a DJ, and has held residencies in clubs in London and Ibiza.

He met the Bonkers rapper on the Spanish party island earlier this year, and Elba convinced him to let him cut a new version of his song Something Really Bad.

He says, "Idris took it upon himself to do the remix. I've met him a few times (and) recently we were in Pikes Hotel in Ibiza when he asked if he could do the remix.

"This was in the afternoon. I think that he was recovering from the night before, so we sat down and had lunch and we talked about movies. He's from round my way, I loved The Wire and the film Thor, too."

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