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Demi Lovato is Zendaya's mentor

Singer/actress Demi Lovato has taken rising Disney star Zendaya under her wing in a bid to help the teenager avoid the pitfalls of fame as she grows up in the spotlight.

The Shake It Up actress, who lost out on Dancing With the Stars mirrorball trophy to country singer Kellie Pickler last week (begs20May13), reveals she formed a close bond with Lovato after a recent meeting and she now turns to the 20 year old whenever she needs to talk.

Zendaya, 16, tells MTV.com, "She was just saying that she was very supportive of me and she wanted to know if there is anything that I needed or if I needed someone to talk to, because she definitely went through what I'm dealing with. She really did do this.

"This is what she had to do as well, and it's nice to have almost a big sister, mentor, someone to talk to because this is not the normal teenage situation. If I was a normal kid, I'd be at school right now, but it's our normal. It's nice to know that other people understand."

Lovato knows all about the ups and downs of life in the limelight - she sought treatment in rehab for an eating disorder and self-harm issues in 2010 and 2011, before bouncing back with a role as a talent show judge on The X Factor.

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