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Demi Lovato fooled fans with Spanish Skyscraper rendition

Singer Demi Lovato struggled through a bilingual performance at the American Latino Media Arts Awards - because she doesn't speak a word of Spanish.

The star was invited to take the stage and sing her hit tune Skyscraper in front of hundreds of fans and celebrities at the awards show last week (begs12Sep11), but Lovato confesses she was forced to rely on a teleprompter at the gig.

She explains, "I didn't know what the heck I was saying. I've memorised songs in Spanish before, I had a song called Lo Que Soy, which is This is Me in Spanish. So then I decided to sing this song, half-English, half-Spanish, but my brain would not memorise it. So the day before I was like, you know what? I might need a teleprompter.

"So while I'm gliding through fog in a tight red dress I'm, like, reading a teleprompter and trying to look graceful just praying to God I don't fall."

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