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Demi Lovato embarrassed by see-through underpants

Demi Lovato was left blushing while picking the perfect photo for her new album cover with her manager - because she was wearing see-through panties in all the shots.

The Cool For the Summer singer wanted to show off her toned body on the cover of Confident and picked out a risque outfit, in which to pose.

She's happy with the finished image, but had to spend an afternoon looking at untouched giant photos of her body with a group of guys to find the perfect shot.

Lovato explains, "It was very uncomfortable picking the cover with my manager... Of course we had to pull it up on a big screen to look at it and we were going through it and there was one shot, and we were like, 'That's really good', and my manager was like, 'That's, like, a lot of vagina though!'"

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