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Dax Shepard wants Brad Pitt for CHiPS movie

Dax Shepard is hoping to recruit Brad Pitt for his upcoming big screen adaptation of TV show Chips.

The Parenthood regular is directing, writing and starring in the film version of the beloved cop series, and he wants his all-time favourite actor, Pitt, to sign up for the project.

He tells talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, "There's an amazing role for him I'd really want him to take... It's Bad Guy number one. He has a name, though and he's on a motorcycle. Have you ever seen Brad Pitt on a motorcycle? He's like a sexy explosion. When you see him, he makes the guys on (biker show) Sons of Anarchy look like sissies."

Shepard also hopes that he could build a friendship with Pitt if they work together on the movie.

He adds, "Let's just work hard and get it done and have a mutual respect (for each other). If something grows out of that, that'd be great. But we'll just start professional and see how it goes... When I leave here, I'm gonna go out to his house with a script and a small briefcase of cash."

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