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Dax Shepard: 'I don't care what CHiPs stars think of reboot, the show's creator is a fan'

Dax Shepard couldn't care less if original Chips star Larry Wilcox likes his reboot, because he has the blessing of the TV show's creator.

Wilcox, who starred in the 1970s traffic cop drama, slated the movie after checking out the first trailer in January (17) - making it clear he wasn't thrilled by writer, director and star Shepard's R-rated humor.

"Way to go Warner Bros - just ruined the Brand of CHIPS and of the Calif (California) Highway Patrol," he wrote on his Twitter page. "Great choice!"

Larry then posted several more messages on Twitter, which he later deleted. One comment referenced a joke in the trailer, in which Michael Pena's face smacks into Dax's naked groin.

"unbelievable WARNER BROS.....unbelievable!" he added. "TASTE in America..."

But Dax, who takes on Wilcox's character Jon Baker in the remake, doesn't care what the 69-year-old has to say, because he has already impressed CHiPs creator Rick Rosner, who is a producer on the remake.

"I emailed him this R-rated action comedy, and I was just nervously awaiting him calling me to say, 'What have you done?' but he loved it more than anybody else," Shepard says. "He was like, 'It's so fun to see this thing I created for primetime, family-friendly TV go through your head'.

"Once I had his blessing and (knew) that he was genuinely excited about it, I wasn't really too worried about what other people would say."

Dax has also been given the thumbs up by Wilcox's co-star Erik Estrada, who recently promoted the new film at the Los Angeles premiere.

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