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David Beckham feared jaguar attack in jungle

David Beckham feared he would be attacked by a deadly jaguar as he spent nights camping in the Amazonian rainforest.

The soccer icon headed into the Brazilian jungle for 10 days in March (14) to shoot a BBC documentary, and he has recalled his unease during the long nights in camp.

He tells The Sunday Times Magazine, "I never felt scared at any point, although sleeping in the middle of the jungle at night can be quite unnerving. It's pitch black, you hear a noise and you have no idea what it could be. Once, we pitched up in an area where we were told that jaguars roamed at night. After we were told that, we never moved from our position."

Despite reports Beckham was banned from swimming in the Amazon during the trip over fears he would be attacked by killer fish, the former sports hero reveals he did take to the river in a boat.

He adds, "You hear lots of stories about the Amazon and what lives in the rivers, so clearly you are wary. However, once you are there, armed with good local knowledge, then it's fine. There is one moment in the documentary where we are going through treacherous waters and I notice there are holes in the boat. I use a bucket to sift water out. There was no way I was going to sink."

The report also features photographs of Beckham carrying crops and whittling wood during his time in camp, and showing off his tattoos to local children, and he admits his only struggle was a lack of contact with wife Victoria and their four kids.

He says, "We had very little contact with home, which was tough, as I like to speak to Victoria and the kids every day. We were able to use a satellite phone on occasion, and it was something to look forward to after a long, difficult day travelling."

However, the famously groomed soccer ace also admits his vanity took a dent in camp, adding, "Showers and baths were clearly at a premium. That was the toughest part. As everyone knows, I like my cleanliness."

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