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David Beckham explains wage donation delay

A representative for David Beckham has insisted the sports superstar is still trying to pick a good cause to receive his soccer salary donation after his pledge was branded a publicity stunt by charity bosses.

The British sportsman joined new team Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in January (13) and promised to hand his wages to a French children's charity.

Three months after making the pledge, Beckham has still yet to make a donation, and the delay has angered executives of a number of organisations who are all vying for consideration.

Martine Brousse, of nationwide children's charity La Voix d'Enfant, tells British newspaper The Independent, "I can't say I'm disappointed because it is what I expected. I assumed that this was a publicity announcement, rather than anything concrete. I thought all along that if PSG did anything, they would set up their own charity so that they could control everything themselves."

However, a spokesman for Beckham insists the money will be handed out as soon as the soccer player picks the right organisation: "We have had hundreds of requests from Paris and far beyond. It takes time to go through all the possibilities and make sure that a seven-figure sum is spent in the best possible way. I think we will be in a position to identify projects in Paris and maybe more widely in France by the end of this month."

The sum is expected to exceed $5 million as Beckham is rumoured to be earning a salary of around $261,772 a week. His contract with the club expires in June (13).

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