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Dave Franco: 'Shooting in your underwear is horrifying!'

Dave Franco will "never get used" to shooting in his underwear.

The 31-year-old stars alongside Emma Roberts in upcoming movie Nerve, which tells the story of people completing ever more daring tasks as part of an online game. One dare saw Dave and Emma's characters dashing around a mall in their undies, but the actor admits shooting the scene was anything but easy.

"You never really get used to that (filming in your underwear), it was pretty horrifying to be honest," Dave admitted during an interview on British TV show Lorraine on Thursday (04Aug16). "That was the dare that the two of us were most anxious about - just because, on screen it's only on for maybe five minutes, but in reality that was the two of us over the course of two full days in our underwear in front of hundreds of crew members. And so, that is not something you ever get used to. But again, hopefully it's a fun scene in the movie and it's worth it!"

Another of the dares saw Dave ride a motorbike through New York while blindfolded. The actor had just two weeks of training to prepare for the scene, but he admits being responsible for the safety of co-star Emma was a daunting prospect.

"It got to a point where in an empty parking lot I felt like Evel Knievel, but then you throw me out on the streets of New York and it's a whole different thing," he smiled. "And then put Emma Roberts on the back of the bike... It was one of those things where I start sweating because if I go down, I'm taking us both down! Luckily nothing happened, in hindsight I don't know if I would have ridden the bike again if I had another chance to do so, but we did it, we're here, it looks hopefully cool in the movie and realistic."

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