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Daryl Hannah's eco activism is costing her movie work

Actress and environmental activist Daryl Hannah has lost a new job as a result of her passionate protesting against the construction of a new oil pipeline from Canada to the U.S.

The Blade Runner star was arrested last summer (Aug11) after taking part in a sit-in demonstration outside the White House in Washington, D.C. in a bid to encourage U.S. President Barack Obama not to bow to oil lobbyists over the new Keystone XL pipeline project.

She was not charged over the incident, but Hannah reveals her career has suffered as a result of her activism - as conservative movie bosses don't want to be associated with an eco warrior.

The actress had been due to start work on a film in Canada this summer (12), but she was dropped amid claims her run-in with authorities had affected her immigration status.

In a series of Twitter.com posts, she writes, "WOW! I've just had another of several offers pulled due to my stance against Big Dirty Oil - Censorship!

"4 (sic) an Acting gig -1st they said since Calgary is 'An Oil Town' now saying cause I've been arrested Canada wont (sic) let me in but I have No Record... It's so ridiculous! But NOT at all a deterrent to speaking truth - just shows we're making waves!!!"

Hannah's Washington, D.C. protest was successful in putting pressure on Obama's government - in November (11), the leader and members of his administration announced the Keystone XL project would be subjected to a fresh review to determine the affects of the pipeline the climate, water supply, farms and local residents' health, before he makes a decision on the proposal.

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