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Daniel Radcliffe finally gets the chance to tour Harry Potter museum

Daniel Radcliffe arrived early for his appearance on chat show Conan on Thursday (06Nov14), so he could check out the Harry Potter museum on the Warner Bros. lot.

The young Brit had never found the time to visit any of the Potter museums around the world and he was thrilled when he realized he'd be able to tour the collection in Burbank, California without any embarrassing encounters with fans.

Radcliffe says, "Harry Potter museums are a strange place for me to visit... so it was great. It was completely empty.

"There was my costume from the second film and as soon as I saw it I remembered thinking, 'That was the time we started using rubberised blood for continuity, so it stayed the same all the time'. I was like, 'I wonder if it's still there?' and I touched it and it was still there and it was a cool moment of being taken back 12 years."

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