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Courtney Love reunited with cell phone after leaving it in cab

Rocker Courtney Love is singing the praises of a New York Times journalist for safely returning her cell phone after finding it in the back of a taxi cab.

The Hole frontwoman misplaced her iPhone on Wednesday night (20Nov13), and it was picked up by Frank Bruni, who immediately attempted to reach out to the singer via Twitter.com to make sure she got her smart phone back.

Alerting her to the find on Thursday (21Nov13), he tweeted, "Weird: the iPhone left in my yellow cab last night clearly belongs to (Courtney Love). Trying to return. Anyone? Courtney?"

She replied almost immediately and in a series of messages, she wrote, "frank you're a gem, what a small world... wow you really do have my phone at the (New York Times offices) yikes please don't read it... this is hilarious."

After retrieving her cell, she publicly thanked Bruni for not invading her privacy by accessing her private phone messages, writing, "Frank for governor!!! I would have to move to Iowa if you hadnt taken that route. Ohh the secrets we could tell (sic)."

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