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Connor Cruise clarifies Caitlyn Jenner rant

Tom Cruise's son Connor has accused the media of "twisting" his words after he publicly criticized bosses at sports network ESPN for choosing to award transgender former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner with one of their highest honors.

The gold medal-winning decathlon star, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, unveiled her new female identity as Caitlyn on Monday (01Jun15), when her Vanity Fair magazine cover debuted online.

It was subsequently announced that Jenner had been selected as the 2015 recipient of the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the network's upcoming ESPY Awards, but not everyone welcomed the news.

Connor Cruise was among those who spoke out against the decision, insisting there are others more worthy of the prize.

In a Twitter.com rant on Wednesday (03Jun15), he wrote, "Really?? Winning the AA award for courage?? Ashton (Kutcher) is gonna come out and yell PUNK’D (like on his former MTV prank show).

"Don’t get me wrong. Do what you feel like doing and don’t let anyone stop you. But everyone is taking this way too seriously... There are so many more important things that should be talked about... And SO MANY MORE IMPORTANT PEOPLE that actually deserve an award."

The young DJ's candid comments sparked controversy online, and he later returned to the micro-blogging site to clarify his remarks, claiming his tweets had been blown out of proportion.

He tweeted, "Totally twisting what I said, if you read what I said I totally support being happy and am glad she is happy.

"We just need to as a nation and a world get back to business and making everything a better place".

He added that his rant was "way more about the problems the world needs to solve than about her (Jenner)".

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