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Cody Simpson: 'Justin Bieber called me an idiot for weed video'

Justin Bieber called fellow pop star Cody Simpson an "idiot" for posting a video showing them singing with Niall Horan near a marijuana pipe.

Bieber, Simpson and the One Direction star hit headlines earlier this week (beg20Jul15) when Simpson's video, shared on the Snapchat cell phone app, hit the Internet, showing all three stars sat on a couch taking part in a jam session.

The video sparked controversy when eagle-eyed fans spotted a marijuana pipe resting on a table in front of them, and Simpson has now addressed the outrage, insisting he does not mind the public knowing he smokes weed and admitting Bieber contacted him after the news broke.

He tells radio hosts Zach Sang & The Gang he did not realize the pipe was in the video, saying, "Honestly, I didn't. I woke up and realized it was there, if I had known I probably wouldn't have put it (the video) up just for the sake of not knowing (how) the other people in the Snapchat situation is with that stuff, you know, some people are less open about things. For me, stuff like that, I don't really mind. If I'm 18 and I want to have a little smoke... Do your thing. It's part of being young... that's life.

"Bieber texted me, 'You're a f**king idiot.' I was like, 'Dude, I swear I didn't know!' He was kind of joking, you know, he doesn't really care about that stuff much either. It's funny."

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