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Cobie Smulders' disastrous runway fall

Cobie Smulders gave up her modelling career following her first and last runway show after she tripped and fell on her face.

The brunette beauty began her career in front of the camera at age 16 when she spent a summer doing shoots in Tokyo, Japan, before moving to New York to pursue modelling full-time when she graduated from high school.

But The Avengers star admits her heart wasn't in fashion and she decided to quit after a disastrous debut on the catwalk when she took a nasty tumble.

She tells the New York Post, "It was a shoe issue, and also I think the runway was just tables stuck together length-wise. It was all very wobbly. I didn't enjoy making a living off of how I look, so I bowed out... I was definitely using it to live in the West Village for free, to go to Paris or Germany for six months. But it had an expiration date."

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