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Christina Milian: 'My love life won't feature in reality TV series'

Singer/actress Christina Milian refused to invite rumored boyfriend Lil Wayne to be part of her new family series, because she didn't want the reality TV curse to strike.

The Dip It Low singer was happy to let TV cameras follow her as she hung out with her mother and sisters, but she didn't want her love life to become part of Christina Milian Turned Up.

She says, "I was just very careful with how I handled things... You always hear about this curse... and 'if you didn't display everything to the world then you'd still be together'.

"It's a very new relationship that I'm in right now; I'm really enjoying it and I love that it's personal. It's he and I."

Milian admits her mother was reluctant about the reality show at first because she feared it would let too many "skeletons out of the closet".

She says, "(She'd say), 'We're Cuban, we don't do that!' She's got this thing... With Cubans, we're storytellers of all the really positive things and then we're good at talking about gossip... My mom's very traditional... and she reads a lot of, like, the gossip mags and stuff, so to imagine all of a sudden now you're gonna be on the frontline of gossip and people talking about you..."

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