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Christina Hendricks takes Mad Men character to the modern office in wage protest video

Mad Men star Christina Hendricks has poked fun at discrimination in the workplace by portraying her 1960s character in a modern office setting for a new FunnyOrDie.com video.

The actress pretends not to know what a modern phone looks like, how to work a computer or a fax machine or that smoking is no longer allowed in the workplace, and when a colleague questions her behavior, Hendricks, as her character Joan Harris, points out that she won't change her ways until men stop discriminating against women at work.

She explains, "In the U.S. women make 23 per cent less than their male counterparts. Did you know that almost 70 per cent of the minimum wage workforce is female, but only 15 per cent of our Fortune 500 CEOs are?

"I figure if we're gonna run our businesses like it's the 1960s, I'm gonna act like it."

Kristen Bell recently filmed another wage issue video for FunnyOrDie - as Disney nanny Mary Poppins.

The Veronica Mars star sings and dances her way through a skit with her charges and some animated penguins, explaining she is quitting her job because she cannot afford to live on "7.25 an hour".

She quips, "In every job that must be done, you must be paid in more than fun. You get your pay check and snap federal and state income tax, Medicare and Social Security. Why, you're living below the poverty line."

Bell, as Poppins, then breaks into song, crooning "Just a $3 increase can make a living wage" to the tune of A Spoonful of Sugar from the Disney musical.

The skit ends as the singing nanny's umbrella breaks, prompting Bell to state, "Well isn't that just supercalifragilisticexpiali-bulls**t!"

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