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Christina Applegate has no emotional connection to reconstructed breasts

Breast cancer survivor Christina Applegate is still struggling to come to terms with undergoing a double mastectomy, insisting she feels "very disconnected" with her reconstructed chest four years on.

The actress decided to take immediate action when doctors diagnosed her with an early form of the disease in 2008 and she regained her figure after having reconstructive surgery.

But Applegate, 40, admits having fake boobs did little for her self-esteem and she feels no emotional connection with her new chest.

In a candid TV talk with The Conversation host Amanda de Cadenet, she says, "It just is different (having fake breasts). I think at first I was pretty OK with them, as far as just they stood up, they didn't move, I could wear tank tops without a bra, but to be honest, this section of my body (her chest) I'm just very disconnected with. It's just a strange thing."

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