Chrissy Teigen wants to live in a colder climate

Chrissy Teigen is eager to move to Minneapolis, Minnesota because of the gloomy weather.

The model and her husband John Legend live in Los Angeles, but she once considered moving to the U.K. because the country is famous for its rain.

"I always though (sic) I should live in London because I love gloomy weather, but I also love salt," she wrote on Twitter. "Salt and gloomy weather is, amongst other great things, Minneapolis (sic)."

It's not that Chrissy has never experienced cooler weather than Los Angeles provides - she used to live in Seattle, Washington, which isn't known for its sunshine.

So when a Twitter user responded to her note about seeking colder weather and asked if she has "ever heard of Seattle," Chrissy penned a sarcastic response.

"no," she joked. "despite living there for 10 years, I have never heard of Seattle."