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Chris Pratt's Game Plan

Actor Chris Pratt has been vacuum packing deer meat after deciding to only eat animals killed by himself or friends for the next year, dubbing his new eating habits "The Game Plan".

The star has gone through a dramatic transformation over the years, shedding the portly figure he sported on TV show Parks and Recreation in favour of a beefier physique. Now the 36-year-old has taken his diet a step further with a detailed post on Instagram showing him in his kitchen surrounded by raw animal meat and plastic bags.

"Here I am vacuum packing some deer meat in the kitchen," he captioned the shot. "I grew up in the woods. Not literally. I mean, we had a house. I wasn't raised by coyotes. But I spent a lot of time in the woods. Hunting, fishing and being outdoors with my friends and family is how I spent my free time as a young'n (sic)."

He explained that the wild instinct in him will probably never change, though he's not quite ready to survive on a diet of only vegetables just yet. However eating meat he hunted himself is a good compromise, so he's stocked up his freezer with meat from a deer hunt in Texas.

"I mean I'll also eat veggies and fruit and other stuff too," he added. "But for one year I want to eat only the meats that were caught or killed by me or my friends. Total free range organic wild game! The game plan. Join me. I mean, I'm gonna still eat eggs and probably chicken and probably steak. I mean I gotta have steak and oysters and definitely bacon. But other than that. And the occasional burger for a cheat meal."

Chris understands it will be tough, but believes it's "worth the sacrifice". Luckily he won't be skipping the traditional meal consisting of turkey come Thanksgiving in November (16), but he will be putting his own twist on things as he'll serve it fried.

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