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Chris Pratt lacked responsibility to be a babysitter

Actor Chris Pratt knew he wasn't cut out for his gig as a teenage babysitter after finding one boy playing in the oven.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star admits he had no experience when he offered up his child caring services to friends and neighbors during his youth, and looking back, he was surprised he was actually hired.

"I was not a good babysitter," he shared on breakfast show Good Morning America. "I just wasn't qualified. I was the youngest child, so I'd never really been around kids. I was like, 'I can babysit. $20? I'll do it...!'"

But Chris, who is now a father-of-one, realized he wasn't responsible enough to watch other people's kids after discovering one charge playing in the most unlikely of hiding places.

"At one point I remember this little boy, I was babysitting him and his sister, and I fell asleep on the couch and I woke up and he was in the oven!," the 37-year-old actor laughed, insisting he's lucky the oven wasn't accidentally turned on. "He was eating a plant in the oven. I'm not lying, this is a true story!"

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