Chris Hemsworth: 'It's gutting if my movies bomb'

Chris Hemsworth feels responsible if one of his movies bombs at the box office.

The 34-year-old star has appeared in a wide range of films, from the blockbuster Thor and The Avengers franchises to less financially successful offerings such as Blackhat and In the Heart of the Sea. When it comes to his Hollywood career, Chris has had a huge amount of ups and downs, and told GQ Australia that he always takes it hard if a project he believes in doesn't do well with fans.

"You have blood, sweat, and tears in a project, and then in an hour and a half or an opening weekend, people decide if it’s a pile of s**t or not," he mused. "It’s gutting if a movie bombs. And I do feel responsible, but you have to develop a thick skin. You want people to enjoy it, so if it does occur, it’s a great feeling."

Chris has also ventured into another genre in recent years while trying his luck at comedy. He starred as hapless receptionist Kevin in the female Ghostbusters reboot, and loved the chance to show off his funnyman skills.

"It was like, ‘God, I love being this loose. I love being able to go there and not quite know what’s gonna happen.’ It’s gotta feel dangerous, you know? You gotta be walking that line of, ‘This is gonna be great or this is gonna be awful’," he laughed.

Chris also used the magazine interview to discuss his political beliefs. When it comes to President Donald Trump, Chris isn't a fan of his policies or his thoughts on climate change, explaining: "He’s full of (it) on every level with climate change, it’s scary. This is not some sort of doomsday argument, we’re destroying the planet. By 2040, there’ll be no edible fish in the ocean. Is this what we want to leave for our kids?"