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Chris Hemsworth found it 'weird' to use Australian accent for Ghostbusters

Chris Hemsworth was "very much aware" of his Australian accent in Ghostbusters.

The 32-year-old actor first shot to fame on soap Home and Away in his home country. But since then, he has had to adopt different dialects for his movie roles, such as that of Thor in the Avengers movies and spin-offs.

He can next be seen as dim receptionist Kevin in the Ghostbusters reboot, a part for which he was asked to use his natural accent.

Doing so was a novel experience for Chris, who hasn't spoken with an Australian accent for an acting role since his TV acting days.

"It (doing an Australian accent) was (weird) at first," the star said during an interview on Australian morning show Sunrise on Thursday (19May16).

"It's funny because (your voice) becomes like another prop. But when it's you speaking, and having not done it in a time, you... you're very much aware of it. It's in your head a little bit more."

"Home and Away was the last time I had to speak like this (Australian accent) in a film," Chris smiled.

Chris stars alongside Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones in the reboot, which has taken the male roles from the original 1984 movie and made them for women.

Working with Chris was an interesting experience for comedy legend Melissa, who later admitted was blown away by the actor's improvisational skills.

"He’s weirdly, weirdly funny like so funny that I don’t know what’s he’s doing doing action movies,” Melissa told E! News. “I remember Kristen and I just looking at each other and we’re like - and I think she meant this seriously - ’Did he bring writers?’ because he was one of the best improvisers that I’ve ever worked with. I wouldn’t say that (for the sake of it). I would just say he’s swell.

"Weirdly great improviser, super funny and there’s just hours of footage of us bawling laughing because we had gone crazy. He was awesome."

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