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Chris Evans denies having panic attack at fan event

Captain America star Chris Evans has denied he suffered a panic attack while fending off the affections of a fan over the weekend (04-05Jun16).

The 34-year-old actor joined fellow Marvel superhero movie stars Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan in attending the Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Saturday (04Jun16).

After Chris met with fans at the convention a rumour spread on social media that the actor, who has previously admitted suffering from anxiety while promoting blockbusters, had an attack of nerves due to one fan's attempt to kiss him.

On Monday Chris moved to stop the gossip by denying that he had been kissed by anyone, writing that there had been no incident and he had enjoyed his weekend meeting comic book enthusiasts.

"Where did these stories from wizard world start?? Definitely not true," he posted on Twitter. "There was no kissing. No panic. All news to me. The weekend was GREAT."

The rumour had previously caused a furious social media backlash, with a number of Twitter users accusing the fan who supposedly kissed Chris of sexual harassment.

"So disgusted by what a fan did to Chris Evans this weekend at Wizard World Con in Philly. Sexual harassment is not okay. #RespectChrisEvans," a user with the handle @spacejamtina wrote on Twitter, while others called on the alleged kisser to be arrested.

However with the star denying the story, their anger turned to relief that all was well with their idol and many thanked the star for letting them know he was OK.

One user, @_LuBermudez, replied to Chris' denial by writing, "@ChrisEvans Thank you for this tweet!!! I believed everything they were saying, It's nice to know they are not true! wish you the best."

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