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Chris Brown tells naked intruder: 'It's all love'

R&B star Chris Brown has publicly forgiven the obsessed fan who broke into his California mansion earlier this month (May15), helped herself to his food and then stripped naked and got into his bed awaiting his return, insisting "it's all love".

Amira Ayeb was arrested on Wednesday (06May15) after the singer returned home from a trip to Las Vegas and found the 21 year old in his bed.

She has since pleaded not guilty to felony charges of stalking, vandalism and burglary and is being held on $220,000 bail.

Ayeb was also slapped with a protective order banning her from contacting Brown for three years after painting the name "Mrs. Brown" on his cars and "I love you" on his walls.

However, despite the damage done to his property, Brown has decided to give the woman a pass.

Taking to Twitter.com on Monday (11May15), he writes, "To the young woman that broke into my house, I appreciate the dedication as a fan. I pray she gets the help she needs. It's all love."

Brown had previously shamed the intruder by posting a photo of her on Instagram and branding her "crazy".

Ayeb faces up to seven years behind bars if convicted.

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