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Chloe Grace Moretz calls for more diverse female roles in Hollywood

Actress Chloe Grace Moretz is taking aim at Hollywood executives for not giving more women of color roles on the big screen.

The Carrie star, 18, is weighing in on the lack of equality within the entertainment industry, noting that while she supports females having more of a prominence in Hollywood, there also needs to be more races represented in movies as well.

"Hollywood really needs to address diversity in Hollywood," Moretz tells Digital Spy. "We're all so focused on getting more women in film that we're not even talking about the racial issue of getting more diversity in film. It's a much bigger issue because it's just not happening. It's just not a reality.

"First and foremost it needs to be heavily tackled because we've already made so much lead way with women in film, it's now time to get more black women in film, Latino women, Asian women. There's so many different, brilliant actresses out there of different races. It's a shame not to utilise them.‚Äč"

And Moretz reveals she has attempted to help break down those barriers in Hollywood, but sometimes with no success.

"Sometimes I get the message across. I think that it depends on the studio, it depends on the director, and it depends on the producers. I've been growing up and I think if I get a larger career behind me, I'm able to persuade people to make the right decisions."

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