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Child star Jacob Tremblay plotting filmmaking career

Child actor Jacob Tremblay is eying up a career as a writer and director.

The Canadian star rose to prominence after starring alongside Brie Larson in 2015's Room, and has since landed roles in The Book of Henry and Before I Wake.

While baby-faced Jacob may only be 11, he is already plotting the next stages of his Hollywood career.

"I've written a couple stories right now, actually," he told Flaunt magazine. "Yeah, I think that I want to become a scriptwriter and a director together, like to direct my own movies. I also kind of want to stay an actor too because it's really fun and I've had such a great adventure."

Jacob can next be seen opposite Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson in Wonder, where he plays Auggie Pullman, a boy with an extremely rare facial deformity who is about to enroll in a mainstream elementary school for the first time.

Proving just how seriously he takes his craft, young Jacob reached out to children who suffered from similar conditions to research the part.

"I asked them if they could share some stories, so they sent me letters of stories and experiences they've had," he explained. "I took all these letters, and I put them in a book, so I could read them and really feel my character and see what they've gone through."

Wonder, based on the bestselling novel by R. J. Palacio, hits cinemas from 17 November (17).

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