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Cher: 'Lady Gaga doesn't like our duet'

Lady Gaga has prevented pop superstar Cher from releasing their collaboration as the young singer "doesn't like" the song.

The Believe hitmaker teamed up with Gaga to record a track called The Greatest Thing, but she has now suggested it may be left off her upcoming album because of a disagreement between the two stars.

When asked by a follower on Twitter.com why she has yet to release the song, Cher writes, "It's done & she (Gaga) doesn't like it, or want it to come out. She's an artist, it's up to her. I'm disappointed 2 (too)."

Cher reiterated her concerns in an interview which aired before her performance on reality TV show The Voice on Tuesday night (18Jun13), saying, "I did a song with Gaga and I think it's brilliant and I thought her performance was great but she doesn't like it."

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