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Chelsea Handler jokes about sleeping with Borat

Comedienne and actress Chelsea Handler shocked Isla Fisher when she joked about sleeping with her husband, Sacha Baron Cohen, behind her back.

The Australian star was promoting her new film Now You See Me on Handler's talk show Chelsea Lately on Wednesday night (29May13) when the host recalled a recent meeting with her husband at a party.

Handler revealed she tipped the Borat star off about a "pubic hair" he had growing from his cheek, prompting the funnyman to state, "My stupid wife didn't even tell me about that. I can't believe she let me leave the house..."

Fisher suggested the encounter was "just and excuse" for the comedienne to "get close" to her man, adding, "You are always all over him. You are obsessed with him. I feel like I'm only on the show so you can get close to him."

Handler then joked, "I've had sex with your husband. He told me not to say anything; you were away filming like you always are and I had sex with him. I'm sorry you had to find out like this on national television."

When the host later pulled a face, quick-thinking Fisher quipped, "Is that the face you pulled when you were sleeping with my husband, b**ch?"

Handler responded, "No, my face was in the pillow."

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