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Charlie Puth delighted with backstage dog rider gift

One of singer Charlie Puth's backstage rider request dreams came true when the star appeared on chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday (14Jan16) - he found a bulldog in his dressing room.

Like many celebrities, Puth is asked to come up with a rider request for items to help him feel comfortable backstage at concerts and while he waits to appear on TV shows - and so the hound lover always asks for a "medium-sized dog" complete with leash and dog bowl, along with water, string cheese and other edibles, snacks and essentials.

But the request is usually ignored and passed off as a joke item by those responsible for making the See You Again singer feel at home.

However, comedian Kimmel thought it would be fun to grant his guest his backstage wish, and he asked a production assistant to bring his dog, Henry, to work for the day.

Puth was thrilled as he hung out with the bulldog, telling the host, "You're actually the only show that's ever gotten me my rider dog. I throw it on there (rider list) just because, you know, what the hell... You go the extra mile."

But Kimmel made it clear Puth wouldn't be able to take Henry with him when he left the show.

The singer reveals he loves hanging out with dogs, because they help calm his nerves before performances - but he can't really justify taking a pet on the road with him.

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