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Charli XCX: 'My new album will change pop'

Singer Charli Xcx is convinced her new album will be "groundbreaking" for pop music.

The British musician recently revealed that she was close to finishing her latest record and now states it will send waves around the industry. Although there is still some work to be on the new material, Charli is confident it will be a hit.

"Yeah it's done but there's still a lot of stages to go," she said in an interview with MTV. "You know mixing and all of that, but it's written and that's great and I think it's the best thing I've done and I think it's going to be really groundbreaking for pop music."

Charli triumphed over Adele and Florence Welch to be named Best British Solo Artist at the NME Awards earlier this month (Feb16) and looks set to enjoy chart success with her new album. She is yet to choose a title for the record but thinks the songs will breathe new life into the industry.

"I think it always needs a shake up and I think multiple artists do that but I want to push it," she explained. "I've been collaborating with people from PC Music so that's been very inspiring for me - the way they think about music and the way that they create music and transferring that into like a more pop realm is something that is cool and yeah, it's next level!

"I'm not really saying too much about it right now because I just want it to talk for itself. And it will."

When quizzed about her muse for the new songs, Charli reveals she's been inspired by the people she has collaborated with, as well as her love of partying.

Recalling how much she enjoyed herself at New York Fashion Week, Charli singled out watching Kanye West unveil his new fashion collection and his new album The Life of Pablo, as her standout moment.

"It was really cool, it was cool to listen to that record in such a huge space," she praised. "What did I do that night? I actually went to another show afterwards and I mean the whole of New York Fashion Week was just a kind of a party which was great so yeah, party on!"

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