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Bruno Mars' mother dies

Bruno Mars is in mourning following the death of his mother on Saturday (01Jun13), according to multiple reports.

An unnamed staff member from Mars' record label Atlantic Records tells the Associated Press the Grammy winner's mum, Bernadette Hernandez, 55, passed away after suffering a brain aneurysm at a Hawaii hospital.

The employee reveals she died at Queens Medical Center in Honolulu.

Hernandez, a mother of six, was a hula dancer and singer who emigrated to Hawaii from the Philippines as a child.

Mars, who is scheduled to kick off a world tour on 22 June (13) in Washington, D.C., was always close to his mother, and earlier this year, he told the Gulf News, "I always wanted to buy my mom a house, and that was the first thing I did with my first big cheque. That was the most beautiful moment ever. I bought my mom a nice house in Hawaii, and that was before I got anything for myself. I had to take care of mom."

Rihanna has the Grenade singer in her thoughts as he mourns the loss of his mum, taking to Twitter.com on Sunday (02Jun13) and posting, "Sending my love and condolences to @BrunoMars at this difficult time! I'm sincerely praying for you bro!"

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