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Brooke Shields' alleged stalker wanted by New York police

New York police are reportedly seeking a man Brooke Shields has accused of stalking her.

The Blue Lagoon star turned to cops on 30 April (15) claiming John Rinaldi had left her strange notes, scared her children and posted nasty comments about her co-workers on social media, according to the New York Post.

However, Rinaldi is claiming he simply contacted the actress about donating to his foundation, The Sandy Hook Kids Center.

He tells the publication, "I've done nothing wrong. I left her a very polite, professional letter. I have really respected her space. I've never once interjected in her personal life.

He continues, "I think of her as a sister. I don't fantasise about her. She's been in my neighborhood for five years. We go to the same pharmacy. But I've kept my distance."

Rinaldi is reportedly wanted on fourth degree stalking charges.

Shields has declined to comment.

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