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Britney's ex testifies in Lutfi defamation trial

Britney Spears' one-time boyfriend Adnan Ghalib took the witness stand in Sam Lutfi's defamation trial against the singer's mother on Tuesday (30Oct12) and testified she asked him to blame her daughter's manager for her 2008 downfall.

Lutfi is suing Lynne Spears for things she wrote about him in her memoirs and now it seems the svengali has the support of Britney's paparazzo ex.

Ghalib, who was subpoenaed to appear in court, revealed Lynne Spears told him to lie about Lutfi in order to make him look like the guy who caused Britney's mental breakdown.

He said, "She requested that I say Sam Lutfi was responsible for Britney Spears' behavior."

Britney's father Jamie also took the stand on Tuesday and confessed he once "touched" Lutfi during a physical altercation. Last week, the manager testified that Jamie beat him up and threatened to put him in hospital.

Lutfi is also suing his former client for unpaid fees and her dad for allegedly punching him.

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