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Brice involved in tour bus fire

Country star Lee Brice narrowly escaped injury on Saturday (21Jan12) after his tour bus caught fire.

The A Woman Like You singer and his crew had just arrived in Mesa, Arizona after nine hours on the road when the blaze caught hold outside a restaurant.

Firefighter Shaun Denman tells local station ABC15 the flames were "about as high as the roof of the building".

Brice was asleep at the time of the fire but was woken up and fled the vehicle.

He says, "They were like, 'Bus is on fire, we're not kidding'. So we had to run off and within a couple of minutes it was in flames. The whole back of the lounge was apparently burned through.

"You know what, everybody is okay and that's really the most important thing. We're blessed. We'll be okay."

The fire drama comes in an eventful month for Brice - he proposed to his longtime girlfriend Sara Reevely during a vacation in Florida on 2 January (12).

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