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Boxer Leon Spinks to undergo additional surgery

Boxing legend Leon Spinks is set to undergo a third surgery on Friday (17Oct14) after he was hospitalized earlier this month (Oct14) for undisclosed reasons.

It has emerged the 61-year-old Olympic gold medal winner, who famously beat Muhammad Ali in 1978, is being treated for abdominal issues after accidentally swallowing a chicken bone, which became trapped in his intestines, according to TMZ.com.

He is reportedly conscious and recovering, but has to have another surgery.

Meanwhile, Spinks' attorney has dismissed claims from his ex-wife, Betty, alleging she has power of attorney and guardianship over him to make medical decisions.

He tells TMZ.com, "(His current wife) Brenda and Leon have a power of attorney agreement. Betty's power of attorney was expressly revoked by Leon."

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