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Blac Chyna 'desperate for babies with Rob Kardashian'

Blac Chyna is reportedly desperately trying to get pregnant with new fiance Rob Kardashian.

The 27-year-old former stripper got engaged to reality star and sock designer Rob last week (ends10Apr16), and the pair are said to be considering a "quickie wedding".

Now Ian Halperin, author of upcoming tell-all book Kardashian Dynasty, has revealed Blac's determination to get revenge on former friend Kim Kardashian, Rob's older sister, by becoming the "most famous Kardashian of them all". Part of this plan involves her falling pregnant with Rob's baby.

"I can reveal she recently told a close friend that she and Rob are having unprotected sex and hoping to have as many kids as they can," author Ian Halperin wrote for Mail Online, before quoting a source as revealing Blac had told her she and Rob want to start "a new generation of Kardashians".

Blac is said to have set her sights on Rob in a bid to get revenge following a feud with his sister Kim. Kim was friends with Blac until her half-sister Kylie Jenner began dating Blac's former fiance Tyga. Blac is said to have called Kim and asked her to step in to stop the relationship but Kim refused, causing an epic fall out.

"My sources say Chyna was so upset and her life was such a shambles that she vowed to do whatever it took to get her revenge," Ian wrote. "Her plan would be simple yet devastating: She would seduce Rob - stealing the Kardashian's only male heir and seizing the celebrity world's most prized name for herself."

Ian quotes a source as telling him: "Chyna is no fool. Instead of getting bitter she devised a plan. And the plan was to hook up with a Kardashian, to get into that family and to call the shots. Her dream was to become as big - or bigger - than the Kardashians. (She wants to be) 'Kim Kardashian on steroids'."

A close friend of Blac's added that her relationship with Rob is entirely down to her revenge attempt on the Kardashian name.

Now the Kardashian family are apparently doing their utmost to handle the situation and are hoping Rob will end the engagement before the couple make it down the aisle.

However, this is unlikely to happen, a friend of Blac and the Kardashians told Ian.

"This ain't going to be strike three. The family are in a bind now," the friend said. "They are struggling because there is no way that Chyna is going to let go of this until she succeeds in her master plan - and that's to become the most famous and the richest Kardashian."

Ian's book Kardashian Dynasty is set to be published on 19 April (16).

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