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Beyonce praised for her 'Black Panther' inspired style

Julien Macdonald praises Beyonce for being "confident" and "liberating" with her style.

The Welsh designer has collaborated with the superstar singer on many occasions over the years, most recently on the black fringed bodysuit she wore for her 2016 BET Awards performance in June (16).

Julien, who has worked with the star for over a decade, has seen the Formation singer's style develop and evolve, but one thing has remained constant - the emotions she provokes through her music and her wardrobe.

"I think she’s always wanted to portray a strong, confident, glamorous woman but the way that she dresses is reflective of the music and what she’s writing," he told Grazia Daily. "It’s very much inspired by the Black Panther Movement - very strong, liberating and tough."

The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense was formed in 1966 and saw those involved practice militant-style self-protection of black communities against the police and government authorities.

Julien is always happy to create pieces for the 34-year-old star, even if he isn't sure whether she'll wear them as he loves the surprise he gets when she does wear one of his custom creations.

"Sometimes I can make her things and never know what she’ll be wearing it for – like the BET awards, which was top secret," he smiled. "I thought it was for the tour, but then they kept asking me questions of how to treat it if it got wet. I was watching it on TV and I fell off my chair like 'Wow, she’s got it on!'"

The intricate BET piece took Julien and his team three weeks to make. It was embellished with around 30,000 black caviar Swarovski crystals, and took inspiration from African tattoos and body paint as requested by the star.

Julien also made a gold bodysuit covered in about 70,000 Swarovski crystals and 24 carat gold detailing, which Beyonce wore in London for the European leg of her Formation Tour.

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