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Beyonce is a no-show for Ivy Park launch

Beyonce was a no-show at the launch of her much hyped debut sportswear line at Topshop in London, England, on Wednesday (13Apr16).

The singer skipped the UK launch of her highly anticipated new sportswear range Ivy Park which is named after her four-year-old daughter Blue Ivy. It is the Formation star's first collection for Topshop so her non-appearance was a something of mystery considering the hype surrounding the launch.

A source tells British newspaper The Daily Mirror: “Initially, Topshop was hoping Beyonce would be at the launch. But the entire attraction is lost without her being there and so many of the A-list guests lost interest.”

Beyonce was very hands on in the creation of the range - Sir Philip Green, the owner of the global clothing store revealed the singer tried and tested every piece.

"She saw every single piece on (and) was very involved in the development. My girls loved working with her and it really worked very well," the clothing mogul tells USA Today.

"I mean, she signed off on every piece. She was really engaged - whether we were discussing a print on a legging or when we were debating colour and how it looked.

"On some of the pants, there's an underlining that you can’t see (internal support). She was really interested in developing something that had that bit of added support. We worked very hard to ensure fit," he explains.

According to The Mirror, Beyonce’s team claim she was never scheduled to attend the event which was later billed as a “chance to shop” the collection before it goes on sale on Thursday (14Apr16).

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